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Custom RF Design
Services – ASICs, SOCs, Chiplets and MCMs

At Mobix Labs, we provide end-to-end design services, specifying, designing, manufacturing, testing, and shipping high-performance RF ASICs, SoCs, chiplets, and multi-chip modules (MCMs). Using our proprietary methodology, we ensure compliance and robustness across a wide range of wireless and wired applications. We design products and solutions using our own tools or within customer-defined flows, working across all technologies and foundries.

We manage the entire supply chain, including inventory management, for our customers. Our designs range from single-function devices like amplifiers, mixers, filters, and switches to complex systems such as software-defined radio (SDR) digital radio transceivers and multi-channel radar systems on chip.

With proven RF capabilities from low kHz to 125 GHz, we also offer antenna in package (AiP) and antenna on package (AoP) solutions. Our close collaboration with our customers’ marketing, systems engineering, and IC design teams accelerates time-to-market and reduces costs compared to internal design teams.

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Radio Solutions

Our SDR solutions deliver custom designs with superior performance and versatility. Leveraging wideband and fast digitization capabilities, we use the latest technologies from recognized SDR IC providers alongside our own IC offerings. We design both standard card implementations and customized module SDRs with additional functions as required.

Our comprehensive services include hardware, embedded firmware, and application software designs tailored to customer specifications. Our advanced RF SoC hardware and firmware ensure robust operation, seamlessly integrating with radar, lidar, vision, and motion sensors for enhanced situational awareness.

Designed for wireless infrastructure and defense, our products adhere to various form factors and standards, including SOSA 3U VPX for mission-critical operations. Mobix Labs provides complete technical data packages (TDPs) and manages the manufacturing and testing processes, offering a end-to-end design and support solution.

Radar and Imaging Sensors, Modules and Solutions

We specialize in developing advanced RF to mmWave sensors for both traditional radar and imaging applications. Our capabilities encompass RF ASICs, hardware/firmware modules, imaging simulators, image reconstruction, object identification, synthetic target creation, and advanced system designs.

We collaborate with customers to specify, design, validate, manufacture, and supply state-of-the-art radar and imaging solutions, ensuring exceptional performance with mmWave hardware and firmware. Our advanced image reconstruction algorithms deliver precise, high-resolution imaging for accurate object identification.

Expertise in phased array design and beam steering enables precise targeting and tracking. Additionally, we develop wideband antennas integrated into printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) to reduce cost, enhance performance, and increase module reliability.

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Our RF/wireless solutions support wireless communications from 2G to 6G, encompassing all elements of commercial communication systems and technologies. Our offerings include RF front ends, efficient power amplifiers, filtering technology, and full Open-Radio Access Network (O-RAN) hardware and software with A-BIS, 7.2X, or custom interfaces. Our 5G O-RAN designs ensure high performance and seamless connectivity, while our wideband RF systems support multiple wireless standards, delivering cutting-edge technology and superior performance. We design both standard and custom antennas integrated into single design packages, and we adapt our designs for customers using different spectrum portions, new waveforms, or specific encryption for private or non-commercial networks.

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We collaborate closely with our customers to develop custom products tailored to their specific needs. Whether you’re looking for high-performance ASICs with advanced IC design, versatile SDR and sensor fusion solutions, innovative radar and imaging technology, or robust RF/wireless systems, our team leverages cutting-edge technology and deep expertise to deliver precise and reliable solutions. By understanding your unique requirements and challenges, we ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, creating products that drive your success.

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