High-Frequency 5G Wireless Solutions

At Mobix Labs, we specialize in developing high-frequency 5G solutions that are pivotal for advancing wireless applications. Our portfolio includes high performance switches, beamformers, and frequency converters designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern wireless 5G and high frequency communications. Engineered for performance and reliability, our solutions ensure seamless connectivity and optimal functionality in a variety of high-reliability markets. Trust Mobix Labs for innovative 5G technology that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

CMOS RF Switches 

We offer the highest RF design flexibility and performance with our cost-efficient low, medium and high power CMOS RF switches, tailored for IoT and 5G applications. As digitalization transforms the global landscape, our RF technologies enhance connectivity like never before, benefiting industries through faster communication supported by cellular 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, and Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB).

Our CMOS RF switches are designed to operate under challenging environments, managing the increasing number of frequency bands required by evolving communication systems. These switches are crucial for band selection and frequency signal switching between various RF input/output ports, ensuring high-quality signal and strength in diverse applications.

CMOS RF Switches Img
Low Power
  • MBX1422

Medium Power

  • MBX4102
  • MBX4104
  • MBX4108

Medium Power

  • MBX3102
  • MBX3105
  • MBX3110 SP10T
    RF Switch
5G Chipsets Img
  • MIC200 Advanced
  • MIC600 Advanced

5G Chipsets

Mobix Labs True5G™ chipset features an industry leading single SKU approach designed to minimize chip count while providing optimum performance over mmWave 5GNR-FR2 bands: n257, n258, n259, n260, and n261. Designed in Bulk CMOS, the True5GTM chipset features ultra-broadband coverage in a highly cost-effective, scalable solution ideally suited for multiple applications including automotive, small cells, repeaters, access points, industrial IoT, medical, and consumer products.

Digital Step Attenuators (DSAs)

Our Digital Step Attenuators (DSAs) offer precision and performance for a wide range of RF and IF applications. Our DSAs are designed with accuracy in mind, providing precise adjustment of attenuation values to meet the exact requirements of your system. Packaged in low-cost, leadless surface mount packages, our digital attenuators include off-chip AC ground capacitors for near DC operation, ensuring versatility and reliability in various environments. Trust Mobix Labs for advanced DSAs that deliver excellent attenuation and performance, supporting your RF and IF needs with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
Digital Step Attenuators Img
  • MBX3501 – 1 bit
  • MBX3507 – 7bit
Amplifiers Img

Low Noise

  • MBX5213

Amplifiers (LNA)

  • TBD


  • MBX5100
  • MBX5113


Our Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) deliver exceptional performance and value, combining innovative circuit design, advanced manufacturing processes, and extensive applications expertise. Our LNAs offer some of the lowest noise and highest linearity available in the industry, simplifying signal conditioning design and enhancing overall system performance. Fully specified over frequency, temperature, and supply voltage, Mobix Labs’ low noise amplifiers ensure reliable and superior performance for your most demanding applications.

Power Amplifiers

Our power amplifiers leverage advanced semiconductor technology, spanning 30 MHz to 3 GHz with output power exceeding 20 kW. Designed for excellent linearity at high output power, our amplifiers ensure effective heat dissipation and high reliability at elevated temperatures, making them ideal for a wide range of wired and wireless applications. Covering extensive bandwidths, our power amplifiers support instrumentation, military, telecommunications, and satellite communication applications.

  • MBX7115 –  30 MHz to 3 GHz, 20w PA

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