Innovating Tomorrow's Connectivity Today with Mobix Labs

At Mobix Labs, we are at the forefront of advanced connectivity solutions, enabling a world where critical systems are seamlessly and intelligently connected. We push the boundaries of what’s possible across wireless and wired communication systems to drive next-generation experiences and ensure high performance and reliability.

Our breakthroughs in 5G, EMI, and multimodal sensing are just the beginning. We design and deliver high-frequency 5G switches, optical interconnects, and advanced sensing solutions that empower OEMs and developers to integrate these cutting-edge technologies into their products. This drives innovation and enhances the functionality of devices across aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial markets.

We support a broad range of applications with our comprehensive portfolio of technologies, ensuring robust performance in even the most demanding environments. By combining our expertise in mmWave radar, imaging, and AI-driven solutions, we help our partners create experiences that transform how we live, work and play. Mobix Labs is committed to providing scalable, technologically advanced products that cater to both simple and complex needs, serving a wide array of industries.


EMI Filtering Solutions


Custom EMI filtering solutions designed to meet the toughest filtering, grounding and transient suppression requirements.


Optical Interconnect Solutions

Optical cables for high-speed data transfer in AI data centers, consumer, and home entertainment


High Frequency 5G Wireless Solutions

High-frequency 5G solutions that meet the rigorous demands of 5G communications.

Security Transport & Multimodal Sensing

Design services, manufacturing, testing, and shipping of high-performance RF ASICs, SoCs, chiplets, and MCMs.