Mobix Labs supplies high-quality, high-volume, high-performance interconnect products for use in cloud computing data centers, enterprises, AR/VR, personal computing, and consumer applications. Mobix Labs’ patented assembly methods allow us to provide the performance and speed of fiber optics in cost-effective assemblies that plug-and-play as simply as any copper-based cable. We are extending our optical expertise into today’s emerging consumer interconnects for high-speed audio/visual data applications, supporting current and future standards of HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and QSFP. Mobix Labs is your partner in delivering 4K and 8K (ultra high-definition video) in rugged, easy-to-use, self-powered active optical cable assemblies.

Harnessing our patented technology that has been deployed by tier one datacom and telecom customers for years, Mobix Labs has created AOCs that offer the unparalleled benefits of fiber optics. These include increased bandwidth capacity, faster speeds (up to 6 Gbp lane/18 Gb/s aggregate), longer distances (up to 100 meters), and greater security and reliability.

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