True 5G Chipset

Mobix Labs True5G™ chipset features an industry leading single sku approach designed to minimize chip count while providing optimum performance over mmWave 5GNR-FR2 bands: n257, n258, n259, n260, and n261. Designed in Bulk CMOS, the True5GTM chipset features ultra-broadband coverage in a highly cost-effective, scalable solution ideally suited for multiple applications including automotive, small cells, repeaters, access points, industrial IoT, medical, and consumer products.

ImagePart #Input Frequency Range (GHz)Output Frequency Range (GHz)Tx Gain (dB)Rx Gain (dB)Voltage (Vdc)Product BriefWhere to Buy
MIC2000 - 0.800
3 - 7
24.25 – 4930501.8Coming SoonComing Soon
ImagePart #Frequency Range (GHz)ChannelsAcquisition Time (uS)Output Power (dBm)Voltage (Vdc)Product BriefWhere to Buy
MIC30017 - 27
30 - 46
5< 801.8Coming SoonComing Soon
ImagePart #Frequency Range (GHz)ChannelsDual PolarizationTx Gain (dB)Rx Gain (dB)Phase control (degrees)Gain control (dB)Voltage (Vdc)Product BriefWhere to Buy
MIC60024.25 - 49LB: 8-Tx/Rx, HB: 8-Tx/RxH & V28215.6250.51.8Coming SoonComing Soon

FR4 PCB Antenna Series

Mobix Labs’ series of embedded surface mount antennas offer wide bandwidth, high gain, and high efficiency in a small, low-profile form factor.  These PCB antennas have an omni-directional radiation pattern for maximum coverage and the capability to support multiple frequency bands including 5GNR-FR1, Wi-Fi 6E,  Bluetooth, LTE, and ZigBee applications.

ImagePart #Frequency Range (Ghz)Gain (dBi)Efficiency (%)Power Handling (dBm)Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)Product BriefWhere to Buy
MCA1000.617 - 7.1254.1703349 x 25.5 x 0.852Download
MCA1105.925 - 7.1254.2753311 x 7.25 x 3.0Download
MCA1201.427 - 7.1252.3733339 x 19.5 x 0.852Download