True Xero Active Optical Cables

Anywhere a powerful, lightning-fast connection is needed – in home theaters, conference room video systems, gaming or virtual reality environments, digital signage, medical displays, classroom setups, and more – Mobix Labs True Xero AOC cables can make fiber optic connectivity an affordable reality.  

ImagePart #DescriptionSignal SpeedJacket RatingProduct BriefWhere to Buy
299HDH20AAMMXXXMHDMI 2.0 male to male18GIndoor VW-1Download
299HDH20AAMMXXXMHDMI 2.0 male to male18GIn wall CMPDownload
299HDH21AAMMXXXMHDMI 2.1 male to male48GIn wall CMPDownloadComing Soon
299USH31AAMMXXXMUSB 3.2 Type A male to Type A male10GIn wall CMPDownload
299USH31AAMFXXXMUSB 3.2 Type A male to Type A female10GIn wall CMPDownload
299USC20AAMFXXXMUSB 2.0 Type A male to Type A female480MbpsIn wall CMPDownload
299USH31ACMMXXXMUSB 3.2 Type A male to Type C male10GIn wall CMPDownload
299DAH10CCMMXXXMUSB 3.2 Type C male to Type C male Display Port Alt Mode10GIndoorDownloadComing Soon
299USH31CCMMXXXMUSB 3.2 Type C male to Type C male with 60W Power Delivery10GIndoorDownload

True Xero Enterprise Solutions

Mobix Labs full line of MSA-compliant enterprise transceivers, AOCs and DACs provide optimal performance for server-switch ToR (top of rack) and intra-rack interconnects, from 10G up to 400G applications for faster interconnects between servers, switches and storage.

ImagePart #DescriptionSignal SpeedTypeProduct BriefWhere to Buy
1SFP-P85P1-SC10G SFP+ 300m SR Transceiver10GSFP+Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFP-P85P2-SC25G SFP28 100m SR Transceiver25GSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1QSP-SR4P4-SC40G QSFP+ 150m SR4 Transceiver40GQSFP+Coming SoonComing Soon
1QSP-SR4G1-SC100G QSFP28 100m SR4 Transceiver100GQSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1QSP-CW4G1-FC100G QSFP28 2km CWDM4 BOX100GQSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1QSP-LW4G1-LC100G QSFP28 10km LR4 BOX100GQSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFP-P85F8-SC8.5G SFP+ SW 850nm 100m Transceiver8.5GSFP+Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFP-P85F6-SC14G SFP+ SW 850nm 100m Transceiver14GSFP+Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFP-P85F3-SC32G SFP28 SR 850nm 100m Transceiver100GQSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFA-P85P1-005C10G SFP+ to SFP+ AOC 5m OM310GSFP+Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFA-P85P2-005C25G SFP28 to SFP28 AOC 5m OM325GSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1QSA-SR4P4-005C40G QSFP+ to QSFP+ AOC 5m OM340GQSFP+Coming SoonComing Soon
1QSA-SR4G1-005C100G QSFP28 to 100G QSFP28 AOC 5m OM3100GQSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFD-DACP1-050CSFP+ 10G DAC Cable 5m10GSFP+Coming SoonComing Soon
1SFD-DACP2-050CSFP28 25G DAC Cable 5m25GSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon
1QSD-DACP4-050CQSFP 40G DAC Cable 5m25GQSFPComing SoonComing Soon
1QSD-DACG1-050C100G QSFP28 DAC Cable 5m100GQSFP28Coming SoonComing Soon