True Xero Active Optical Cables

Anywhere a powerful, lightning-fast connection is needed – in home theaters, conference room video systems, gaming or virtual reality environments, digital signage, medical displays, classroom setups, and more – Mobix Labs True Xero AOC cables can make fiber optic connectivity an affordable reality.  

ImagePart #DescriptionSignal SpeedJacket RatingProduct BriefWhere to Buy
299USH31AAMMXXXMUSB 3.2 Type A male to Type A male10GIn wall CMPDownload
299USH31AAMFXXXMUSB 3.2 Type A male to Type A female10GIn wall CMPDownload
299USC20AAMFXXXMUSB 2.0 Type A male to Type A female480MbpsIn wall CMPDownload
299USH31ACMMXXXMUSB 3.2 Type A male to Type C male10GIn wall CMPDownload